Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Every Day Offers A New Opportunity

With each day, comes a new opportunity; an opportunity for us to take the steps necessary to better our lives. Weather that step needs to be as small as sending in a bill or calling an old friend to say your sorry, these little steps are necessary in the "process" we call our lives.

We cannot expect to reach our goals or better our lives over night. You must take every step in the process in order to make this happen. No one will tell you what these steps are and there is not a "Ten Step Program." The process that is our lives has only one map and only you know the key.

It is always easy to feel sorry for ourselves and dwell on the mis-fortunes dealt to us in our lives. For most, we will spend more time complaining to others about the problems in our lives than we will spend trying to fix these problems.

The bottom line is that no one, not our friends, not our families, not our coaches, teachers, or religious leaders can make things better for us. We are the ones who must take control of the situation, have faith in ourselves, pick up the pieces and take the step.

Be strong today and take that first step in your "process."

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Tom Crown said...

Your words speak volumes! I wish more people would follow them.